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Dholera SIR Current Status

Dholera SIR current status... People have been asking about it and demanding constant updates on the ongoing development in the smart city. After all it is the first smart city of India against which the hopes of the masses have become inflated . People believe that as the development phase in Dholera advances, India shall witness a place that shall offer better amenities, better opportunities and a better living.

With a geographical spread of 920 square kilometers the city has become the most keenly followed location on the Indian map. Dholera is located in Gulf of Khambhat region in the state of Gujarat and is closely linked to Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Surat. It is also easily accessible from the Delhi Mumbai Industrial corridor which is about 100 Kms from the smart city.

Envisaged as six times the size of Shanghai and two times the size of Mumbai, Dholera has been talk of the country since a year. Given the size of the region and the vast development plans of central government to develop it as a global trading and manufacturing hub, the city shall prosper manifold. Amongst various sectors that shall see stupendous growth in years to come, real estate sector has been identified as an important one. Dholera SIR current status is one of the most important news across real estate community and the visible interest in properties in the smart city has been on a constant rise.

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