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Dholera SIR Tp Scheme:

Dholera SIR TP scheme has been formulated with joint effort of GIDB and Gujarat state government and is based on the prevailing TP scheme model functional in Gujarat. The scheme works as per provisions laid down under section 15 and section 17 of the Gujarat SIR Act, 2009.

Dholera SIR TP scheme intends to break the developable area in the region in six different parts, each of which shall be considered as an independent unit. This is important for overall development of the region and growth of key industries in DSIR.

Town planning consultants (TPC's) have been assigned the task to prepare the scheme by Dholera Special Investment Regional Development Authority (DSIRDA). Such TPC’s shall have to meet the preset eligibility criteria to be able to participate in the preparation of draft Dholera SIR TP Scheme. After considering all factors, preference shall be given to the TPC with prior experience in planning town planning schemes as per the statutory provisions of Act in India.

The division of responsibility and authority has been made between DSIRDA and the TPC to avoid any confusion in future. Draft preparation of the Dholera SIR TP scheme has been further divided into various stages which are mentioned below:-

  • A conceptual draft of the town planning scheme is to be prepared
  • Preparation of the Draft Dholera SIR TP Scheme up to owners meeting stage
  • Publication of the scheme in three sets as prescribed
  • Submission of the scheme to GIDB for sanction
  • Demarcation & implementation of sanctioned draft T.P.S. roads
  • Setting the time duration for each stage
  • Deciding on terms of payment and area-wise division of the six TPS.