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Dholera Smart City Plan

Dholera shall be the first smart city to be developed in India. Though recently declared as a smart city, Dholera smart city plan had stepped into its initial phase a few years back when it caught attention of Mr. Modi. As per sources, Dholera project is a dream project of our prime Minister which he aspires to build with world class infrastructure and six times the size of Shanghai.

As per Dholera smart city plan, the city area which measures 920 Sq. Kms shall be developed in three distinct phases. Each phase shall be developed in a decade (appx) and the finishing line has to be reached by 2040. The city has been divided into six town planning scheme for ease of planning and administration and also to ensure extensive growth of eight key sectors identified for the region.

Dholera Smart city plan has also laid out the urban transport mechanism designed for the city. Apart from intra-city travel, inter-city travel transit projects shall also be developed. This includes six lane expressway, which shall initially be built as four lane and then extended as need be. High speed metro rail shall also connect the city to Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad. Dholera international airport shall link it to the world and an extended railway route and transit via sea is also on cards.

Aecom has been appointed to implement the Dholera smart city plan while the state and central government are closely monitoring the developments in the city.