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Delhi - Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC)

The backbone of Indian Inc. is taking shape in form of Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC). The project aims to boost the manufacturing and industrial sectors in India and create endless economic opportunities for the citizens of India. It is also perceived to act as a strong support for the ‘Make in India’ mission launched by Mr. Modi and also be an influential factor for attracting foreign investments in plentitude.

The magnificent DMIC project shall pass through 82 districts in 6 states and cover 1,483 Kms on its path. The expected Indian population which shall fall under its influence is 14%. It shall pass though the states of Delhi, Western Uttar Pradesh, Southern Haryana, Eastern Gujarat, Eastern Rajasthan, and Western Maharashtra. The corridor shall span through 17% of the total land area of India of which a major portion shall fall under Gujarat.

The logistics support that shall be important in making DMIC functional shall be provided by the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) which shall be developed adjacent to the DMIC project. Situated along the railway route, the DFC shall enable easy movement of raw materials and finished goods to and from DMIC. The DFC shall also be a host to the 24 investment nodes which have been created to accelerate the development of DMIC. Of these, DSIR, which is located along DMIC Dholera, is the most rapidly developing node in current time.

These special investment nodes are being developed to facilitate certain developmental and functional aspects of DMIC which include creating provision for smooth conduct of business activities in the region; ensuring ease of land allocation for the project and resolution of disputes related to it, if any; arranging for ample resources for seamless conduct of the expected economic activities and ensuring easy passage of goods, raw materials and people through road, rail and sea route through a well-designed transit system.

While the entire DMIC corridor shall positively influence India's economy in upcoming years, DMIC Dholera is seemingly a vital part of the DMIC. This is due to the vast expanse of land that DMIC Dholera shall pass though in Gujarat: a whopping 62%. Gujarat has been divided into 26 districts of which 18 shall fall under the influence zone of DMIC Dholera which in turn shall lead to rapid economic development of the state and commercial centers such as Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Surat and Vadodara shall soon witness manifold growth. The estimated employment opportunity that shall be created in Dholera alone is 8 lakhs by the year 2040.