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Property in Dholera SIR Gujarat - The first smart city in India with maximum growth potential!!!

Dholera SIR has erupted as the first smart city of India. One backed by the Modi government and supported by Indians for the positive changes that it shall bring to our living standards. To be developed with ICT as its base, the city shall be the first example for amplified efficiency within its ecosystem. The city shall create an atmosphere where business opportunities shall thrive and rise and also cause the Dholera SIR Property markets to turn into a sector that shall become a source of living for many of its residents.

Property in Dholera SIR has created quite a spur amongst the investor class. They view it as an economic opportunity and expect the prices to increase at a phenomenal rate. In the current scenario where debt investment is hardly capable of beating inflation and investment in equity markets have not fared well for quite some time, investment in Dholera SIR Property has emerged as an ideal investment option. Let us evaluate what makes it so:-

  • Property in Dholera SIR is undervalued and has a large scope for appreciation which is soon expected to happen given the pace at which the city is being developed.
  • Internationally reputed architects have been hired to conceptualize and implement the infrastructure plans for the smart city. This is certain to lead to a sudden outburst in property prices.
  • The city shall enjoy smart connectivity on local front and also with the world. The infrastructure projects that shall contribute to this includes construction of 6 lane express highway, metro rail, extended railway route and Dholera international airport.
  • Dholera SIR Property prices shall also soar up due to the pace of development at which the city is being built. Divided into 3 phases, the city shall be completed by 2040.
  • 8 lakh new job opportunities shall be created in the city and it shall be home to 2 million people by 2040. 5 lakh residential units shall be required to accommodate the population thus leading to a steady increase in Dholera SIR Property prices.